What is a LUG?

The birth of the personal computer brought with it, by association, the user group.  This is not very surprising.  The personal computer (especially the Altair 8800) was not designed for business use, or for productivity.  It was a hobbyist’s system.  With many hobbyists trying out their newest toys, they started to forms groups to try to learn from each other in the spirit of mutual improvement.  Whenever you have enthusiasts, you will have gatherings of them in dark corners somewhere.

This is not to say that hobbyists have a monopoly on gatherings.  Benjamin Franklin founded his Junto in 1727.  It was founded under much the same auspices…

Nevertheless, before we digress too far, a LUG is an enthusiasts group for GNU/Linux (its proper name).  They exist in many shapes and sizes, but they all exist for the purpose of helping their members learn to better enjoy their computing experience with this OS.